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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
xrowforum Robert Rö stable 1.2 designed for eZ 4.2 but also runs with 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and some lower versions
readme and install instructions you can find in the doc folder inside the extension

this extension is designed to be an extension for eZ publish websites with communities.
the xrowforum delivers a larger spectrum of functions and improvements to increase the users comfortability in the forum.

Feature List(01.05.2010):
 1. Notification - Flag System:

  • the user recieves information by a flagimage and a count about any new unread messages
  • after reading the new post/thread the flag will be removed
  • the user can mark all forums as read with one click (remove all flags)
  • the user can remove the flags for seperate forums or topics ONLY too
  • cronjob to clean the "xrowforum_notification" table after a certain duration (controlable via backend)

 2. Backend Forum Adminstration Interface:

  •  Tab 1: Forum Statistics

 *Information: Board Started, Topic Count, Post Count, Total Count
 *User: User Count, Currently Online, Online In Past 24Hours, Todays Birthdays, Most User Ever Online at the same time
 *other Statistics: Topics Per Day, Posts Per Day, Registrations Per Day
 *TOP Ranks: latest registered User, latest Topics, latest Posts, hottest Topics (by views), hottest Topics (by replies), top activity User(by Comments),top activity User (by Logins)

  • Tab 2: Moderator Permissions

 * select user as moderator for seperate Forums

  • Tab 3: User Ranks

 *Option 1: give certain user special ranks
 *Option 2: give user normal ranks (depending on the post amount of the user)

  • Tab 4: Forum Settings

 *here you are able to modify the xrowforum.ini via the backend
 *you have to select the IDs of some nodes and classes there
 *you can administrate your forum there, you have the following options:
 -de/activate Rankingsystem
 -de/activate WordToImage
 -when does a topic become a HotTopics
 -de/activate Signature Image
 -de/activate BB-Codes
 3. advanced Permissionsystem / Moderator:

  • user can be assigned to Moderator Group and can be assigned to seperate forums which they are able to administrate then
  • these users will be displayed as Moderators and have more functions then other members
  • moderators can move topics/posts without toolbar
  • moderators can close topics and reopen them with 1 click
  • permission bugs fixed in templates (edit / sticky)
  • general delete/edit/move and addtonotification access options changed

4. general Templates

  • general template cleanup, bugfix and improve
  • all deprecated sections/default things removed and replaced by non deprecated control-/fetch structures
  • fix template variables and structures changed to dynamic ones (like paginator, offsets, etc..)
  • post fullview will display fullview of parent(topic)
  • many bugs fixed!

5. BB-editor / BB-Tags

  • phpBB editor for the frontend made of javascript
  • gives a list of available BB tags controlled by xrowForum Administration Interface in the backend
  • adds BB Tags to the textfield which will be automatically parsed by the bbcode2xhtml operator after publish
  • available BB Tags: strike, bold, italic, underlined, code, quote, list, img, url, font color and font style
  • offers a list of smilies

 6. new reply module

  • creates replies(posts) in the same language as the parent(topic)
  • speed increase
  • avoids problems with "object unavailabilty" which appeared in the past on multilingual sites
  • new template (= code cleanup)

 7. Private Messaging and Friend System

  • Inbox

            * search in inbox
            * new messages special displayed
            * straight reply function
            * remove messages
            * sorting messages

  •  Outbox

            * search in outbox
            * new messages special displayed
            * straight reply function
            * remove messages
            * sorting messages

  •  Network Overview

            * option do add friends and to block user
            * Friendlist
            * Blocklist
            * Friendrequestlist

  •   Create PM

            * full validation
            * Editor
            * jQuery name suggest

  • View PM
  • different Operators

            * Private Message Count (inbox: total/new/old, outbox: total)
            * Relation Check
                - is user XX blocked? is user XX a friend?
                - friendlist
                - who of my friends is online / offline
            * Requestcheck

  • Friend Request "Workflow"

            - add => accept => is friend => break friendship

  • Block User

            - block removable if you are the user whoch actually started blocking the other user

  •  Mail Notification

            * enable/disable via .ini setting
            * if enabled then each user can decide if notifications are wanted or not
                - sends notification on: new PM in inbox, new Friend Request, User accepted the request, User rejected the request
     .. and much more..

 8. other

  • user have a new attribute (birthday)
  • you are able to quote posts and topics (the quoted content will be posted into a new object automatically in quote tags)
  • forumindex page with more functions and for a better overview
  • forum full-view has one more column now: "views"(hits) for each topic
  • edit templates completely rebuilt
  • sort order in forum full-view of the topics is different now => 2 workflows added to prevent edited posts to jump up when using "subnode_modified" method
  • new template operator added which can load many operators in a row depending on certain conditions
  • cronjob for most user ever online at same time added
  • overflow/width fix for forum content
  • 5 different status of a topic: old, new, old-hot, new-hot, closed
  • some CSS fixes (this extension does NOT deliver a proper design ;-] )
  • ezhttp option "cookie" added as kernel hack (will be added to kernel from eZ in 4.4)
  • complete german/english translation delivered
  • proper redirects after publishing/discarding or editing
  • abuse report
  • word censoring



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