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User import

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
user_import Heiner Wurbs planning 1.0 3.5

Importing users into eZ publish

The module imports a tab seperated list of users into the same usergroup
as the importing user is. The aim is, that there are many usergroups
in which one user is responsible for importing and so on.
The imported class is a copy of the user class with additonal
The attributes and the class have to be defined in the
The ImportUserFields are the complete tab seperatted structure, also
with field, who will be ignored when importing. Required values are
login password and email.
The ImportAttributeUserFields contains the additional attributes of your
user class.
Existing users will be added to this usergroup, if they belongs already to
another usergroup.
There are of course possibilies for improvement. The tab seperation is
twice defined in the ezuserimport.php with the explode command. It
should be added to the userimport.ini.
The url call is /userimport/list
There is a testing button, so that you can see, if every user line
corresponds to the definiton.


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