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updatesearchindex extension 0.0.1 released

updatesearchindex extension v0.0.1 has been released! updatesearchindex is an eZ publish extension that provides an alternative replacement for the stock eZ publish search index update shell scripts.

The updatesearchindex extension offers php, cronjob and shell scripts to use this replacement index script process.

This script has been tested with over 5500 content objects within an eZ publish database and over 5 GB of binary files to be indexed. It has become a proven solution to stock eZ publish search engine index update breakdowns experienced by two different eZ publish development groups developing large eZ publish installations (possibly with a large number of binary files to be indexed).

If your experiencing problems indexing your eZ publish content you may wish to try this alternative. Have more questions? Download the extension, review the source code and start a conversation in the forum.

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