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Workflow event type

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    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    bcuserregisteruserplacement Brookins Consulting stable 3.0.0 4.x+ / 5.x+ / 2014.11+

    BC User Register User Placement provides a workflow event and settings to move a user upon creation to a specific user group or other content tree node based on the selection choice made during user registration (via user input).

    Great for organizing u...

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    nxc_social_networks Serhey Dolgushev stable N/A 4.x

    This extension implements full eZ Publish integration with social networks, and provides the following capabilities:
    - SignIn button, which allows users to login/register via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google) in one click
    - eZ Pub...

    xrow E-Commerce (Stable)

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    xrowecommerce Björn stable 1.1 eZ Publish 4.3.0 and higher, PHP 5.3 and higher, MYSQL 5 and higher

    A Solution out of extensions and functionalty to build a power full e-commerce webshop.

    NXC Twitter (Stable)

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    nxc_twitter Serhey Dolgushev stable 1.0 4.3+, 5.x+

    This project provides 4 extensions, which will integrate your eZ Publish website with Twitter.

    This solution is deprecated. Please do not use for new projects. Please use instead!

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    swark_for_ez_publish_4 Grenland Web (Jan Kudlicka) stable 1.0.1 3.x, 4.x, 5.x

    The Swark extension implements many operators and a couple of workflow events needed very often, yet missing in eZ Publish.


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