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Extended attribute filter

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    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    bcdatetimefilter Brookins Consulting stable 0.1.0 5.x+ (eZ Publish Community Project 2013.11)

    eZ Publish Legacy extended attribute filter extension which provides a stable and flexible solution which allows for a datetime stamp filtering solution. Provides for greater fetch filtering by date time stamp!

    eZ Tags (Stable)

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    eztags Ivo Luka─Ź stable 1.4.1 4.3+

    eZ Tags is an eZ Publish extension for taxonomy management and easier classification of content objects, providing more functionality for tagging content objects than ezkeyword datatype included in eZ Publish kernel.

    CJW Newsletter (Stable)

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    cjw_newsletter Felix Woldt stable 2.0.0 > 4.0.1

    CJW Newsletter is a full featured newsletter system developed by CJW network and available as an add on for eZ Publish. It integrates seamlessly with eZ Publish an eZ Flow installations.

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    integrate Bruce Morrison stable 1.0 3.6+ (not 4.0)

    Provides datatypes that allows the user to select one (External Option) or multiple (External Multiple Option) values from an existing database table. This effectively allows links to be created between eZ Publish content and external data. Useful for integrating eZ...

    UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
    liseventsearch Roman Mudrack beta 0.1 3.10.x

    extended attribute filter for datefields to search inbetween 2 dates.


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