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Stats for specific urls

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
stats_for_specific_urls Heiner Wurbs planning 0.1 3.4.0

The purpose for this script is to count specified areas of the website
and not each object and url.

So this script counts the hits of predefined urls, nice urls and any
referrers into a mysql database (2 tables). This predefined url-parts
should be placed into the arrURLItems. If an url is part of this, it
will be counted.
The script creates a new record into the database table, if the url is
used the first time a day. If the url is already in the table, the
script only increases a counter for this url.
This script should be included at the end of the main index.php in the ez
root directory.
The package includes two folders: files inside the stats_insert are for
the ez root folder to track the hits.
The stats_display folder is just to display the results somewhere else.

its a hack, it uses no the ez library, any improvement is welcome :)


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