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I finally migrated the project's source code to Github to ease collaboration on it. Feel free to fork and open pull requests !

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As announced at the eZ Community day in Paris on 2010-09-21, here is the version 1.1.0 of SQLI Import.

New features implemented :

  • Added manual frequency support for scheduled imports (not less than every 5 minutes). You can now define the frequency you like instead of just selecting hourly, daily...
  • Added import duration monitor

Bugs fixed :

You can download the package in the downloads section.

Enjoy ! :)

This version fixes :

It also implements a shorthand method to easily handle HTML in content API :

  // Code below is available in an import handler
  $content->fields->intro = $this->getRichContent( $myHTMLContent );
  // Code below is available everywhere
  $content->fields->intro = SQLIContentUtils::getRichContent( $myHTMLContent );

This version fixes 2 issues, related to content API :

  • Content creation with non-default language
  • Parent location doesn't update in publisher

It also implements a new defaultLocation virtual property in SQLIContent. This property returns the default location, corresponding to the eZContentObjectmain_node :

$defaultLocation = $sqliContent->defaultLocation; // returns SQLILocation

After several weeks teasing, the first stable version of SQLI Import is finally out !

Download it here.

Here are some details about it :

  • Handler driven. Each data source must be managed by a handler written in PHP
  • Easy to configure
  • PHP Interface for the handler
  • Error management (exceptions)
  • On-the-fly options management (configuration independent)
  • Simplified API to manipulate content objects
  • Set of class to manage CSV structures as easily as with SimpleXML.
  • Complete documentation (startup/developer guide and API doc)

Furthermore, this extension also allows an easy exploitation via the admin interface :

  • Schedule imports, with recurrence
  • Launch one shot imports
  • Display progression percentage for a running import
  • Be able to interrupt a running import