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_soextra STEVO + beta 0.3 4.3, 4.4
If you worship at the altar of the separation of style and content then this isn't for you.
But if you've got a fussy client who doesn't understand why he can't make some text red then this might be of interest.

This is a collection of enhancements to the eZ Online Editor. They range from simple usability improvements to slightly mad hacks.

They were developed for a specfic client who thankfully is enamoured of Macs therefore Internet Explorer 7+ compatability is not guaranteed and IE6 is never going to happen. In fact they haven't been tested much in anything other than Firefox 3.6.

Requires eZ Website Interface.


Everything is configurable per tag and classes/css is used whenever possible.

  • Class select control
  • Font size control
  • Font family control
  • Font color control
  • Background color control
  • Customise styling of in-editor content per attribute
  • Customisable toolbar buttons for inserting custom tags
  • Custom attributes in object preview
  • Enhanced Path bar
  • Manually resize images
  • Copy and paste in Google Maps, YouTube code etc.
  • Experimental complex CSS layouts based on YUI3 grids


Git it from GitHub:


sOExtra screenshot
sOExtra screenshot

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