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sitelink Mark Marsiglio stable 2.0 4.x
SiteLink provides a replacement for ezurl and ezroot to provide more robust internal linking capabilities such as:
- switching hostnames when linking to nodes in other siteacesses
- providing direct download link for file objects (rather than linking to the node view full)
- works multilingual setups

SiteLink Features

  • Link between multiple domains hosted on the same eZ Publish install
    • Provide a preferred host based on siteaccess
  • Force all generate URLs to be absolute
    • At the operator call or in the sitelink.ini file
    • Override sitelink.ini setting at operator call
  • Allow custom functionality for the generated URL based on node class and attribute datatype (based on if install is a multisite)
    • Provide a preferred link type for the class
    • Prevent the provided page from linking to itself (currently the operator will return an empty string)
    • Override the default specified datatype handler php class
  • Override the default datatype handler php class for a specified attribute datatype with a new one
    • requires a php interface based class
  • Allow a role for the current user to determine the siteaccess to be used in the generated URL string
  • Support for the PathPrefixExclude ini setting

SiteLink Path Features

  • Provide a correct path for the given page
    • currently only node based pages are functional
  • Disable a page from linking in the path
    • Based on node id or object id

See full docs at github.  

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