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rgisocodes Ronan Guilloux beta 0.1 4.x
Datataype extension, provides various iso codes datatype for eZ Publish (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, RIB, Credit Card, SIREN, SIRET, UK, US & FR Social Security number, etc.. GNU GPL'd.

eZ Publish datatype extension, that provides various iso codes datatypes for ezpublish :

  • International : IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, BBAN (RIB), Credit Card number
  • France : Numéro de Sécurité Sociale, SIREN, SIRET, Codes postaux
  • US : Social Security number
  • UK : National Insurance Number

Each code has its own validator. 
Each validator is illustrated by a unit test case.
Each time it is possible, these datatypes are built collectable & indexable.

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