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QH JavaScript INI Loader for eZ Publish

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qhjsiniloader Quoc-Huy NGUYEN DINH stable 1.2 4.x
An ezjscore jQuery API for javascript projects that needs to load parameters from eZ Publish INI file.

As you might have multiple JS projects, you might want to customise some of their features. eZ Publish INI files are great for holding custom parameters but they cannot be loaded by a javascript file. So you need an Ajax call that then request a PHP script which in turns loads the INI file.

One issue could be that you will end up with too many Ajax calls if those projects are loaded on the same page.

So I've started this little extension by externalising the feature from qhautosave.

Install the eZ Package and activate the extension in site.ini.

Create an override for qhjsiniloader.ini and put in your custom parameters

Then in your js file:

QHJSINILoader.init( 'my_project', callback_function );

The configs values are in JSON format in:



  • ezjscore with jQuery


  • in v1.2:
    • as suggested by Gaetano, the extension now can load an existing eZ INI configurations
    • warning to users that the translation file should be JSON safe
  • in v1.1:
    • you can now use the extension to load translated text for JS projects



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