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Great is the right word for this =)
Thank u very much!


This tool is very nice and helped a lot - even more, it is just great


A good idea, beautifully executed. Many thanks.

Very impressive integration

If you are familiar with eZ Publish, you will have a great time using this extension. It integrates well with the template system, override rules, the permission system, and has intuitive view URLs. Well done!

Very nice extension!

Your extension is really helpful. Great work, thank's for sharing.

Nice extension

Very nice extension.
Easy to use.

I think this extension should be nominate for the eZ publish Award 2009.

Thank's for sharing your work.


Now we can export everything from eZ into PDF!
Easy to embed different fonts and to work with.
Great job!

Awesome !

So simple, so fast, works so well !

Definitely a must have !!

Just what i've looking for

We're working in a project where we need to generate pdfs based of some templates. It was a nightmare to use this working with the php libraries i know about. With this extension we only need to create a template just the way i'm doing with the rest of the site!. using it with your own extensions is extremely easy.
Great work.

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