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You can now Export PDF easily with ezpublish !

ParadoxPDF is an ezpublish extension that provides a relay easy way to serve your content as PDF files.
It is platform independent, easy to use and performant.
-No learning curve
-No boring xml
-Everything is developed in the eZ way




I Love eZPublish. As you know PDF support is deprecated. So we need a handy way to serve content as PDF files.


As I have left my current job , I have time to make some useful things :
ParadoxPDF is a simple and efficient way to generate pdf files from xhtml+CSS.


How does it work ?


ParadoxPDF uses a java jar : paradoxpdf.jar built uppon 'Flying Saucer'.
Flying saucer is An XML/XHTML/CSS 2.1 Rendrer that supports a native PDF output.
Paradoxpdf.jar is a wrapper application that can be used from command line. It contains all dependencies. Sources of this utility will be soon published on
The original idea for using 'Flying Saucer' to generate pdf contents was published by Joshua Marinacci can be found here


ParadoxPDF features:


ParadoxPDF Provides All features of Flying Saucer AS :


  • Platfom independent : 100% Java XML+CSS layout engine with native PDF output.


  • Strong support for the CSS 2.1 specification including extensions to better support paged media.


  • Support for XHTML including forms.


  • Arbitrary elements may be replaced with custom content.


  • Some support for PDF specific features (for example, bookmarks and internal links). More coming soon.


  • In Plus :

    • Just EASY : Prepare your designs (just as any html design) for the PDF View and let's the magic begins


    • Multi page generation and page break-support (with custom header and footer)


    • Good performance (better than Apache FOP).


    • Cache : You can manage PDF caches As Template Cache-blocs look docs/documentation.txt (cluster compatible)




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