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  • The source code is now on github
  • Updated jar binary to use the latest flying-saucer version
  • Fixed toc urls links
  • Fixed Empty PDF file after cache purge

The change log :

V 2.1.2 :

  • PDF File name is sanitized to prevent download injection attacks
  • Fixed HTTP headers issue in ssl mode with IE
  • Documentation update

V 2.1.1 :

  • Updated node/view/pdf.tpl so ($viewmode $language_code $view_parameters $collection_attributes $validation, $persistent_variable) still available in default pdf template
  • Roadmap Update
  • Installation instructions update

Are you looking for the simplest way to build sophisticated pdf with the poweful eZ Publish CMS ? Stop searching! Paradoxpdf is the ultimate solution.

V 2.1.0 release comes with many enhancements :

* Added Check Access policies option
* Core CSS update for generic TOC
* Added PDFCache ini setting for developers (developer mode)
* Enhanced browser cache handling
* Documentation updated


You can make paradoxpdf checks policies of the ezpublish native content pdf function.


Example pdf

What's new in ParadoxPDF V2.0 ?

  • Rebuild of paradoxpdf.jar with the latest stable release of the XhtmlRendrer R8 Final
  • Added TOC Table of content and PDF Bookmarks support : Sample image here
  • Custom fonts rendering and embeeding
  • Custom characters (Asian, Arabic, Greek ...) rendering documentation
  • ...

And many More Enhancements check the changelog for more informations.

┬┐Hablas espa├▒ol

Here is a spanish blog talking about paradoxpdf V1.1 . Notice that some changes have been made on V2.0. But you can still read some code sample and view some pdf made with paradoxpdf


With ParadoxPDF you can serve contents as beautiful and sophisticated PDF Files. Just create templates for views as html, and paradoxpdf do the rest. In addition:

  • Style sheets and images (css and content) are supported
  • Care of User session context : you can serve PDF per user, user-role ...
  • PDF caching is completely customizable just as template cache-blocks
  • The cluster mode is supported
  • Secure : eZPublish built-in access control mechanism checks permissions before serving content as PDF. Users can export only content where read access is garanted
  • You can also export your own module views


Here some reviews about ParadoxPDF extension:

"We're working in a project where we need to generate pdfs based of some templates. It was a nightmare to use this working with the php libraries i know about. With this extension we only need to create a template just the way i'm doing with the rest of the site!. using it with your own extensions is extremely easy.
Great work." Carlos


"So simple, so fast, works so well !
Definitely a must have !!" Jean-Yves


"Your extension, just made by day !!
I had been struggling with the ezapi for a while, you extension allowed me to get the job done in 2 hours only!"

ParadoxPDF is an ezpublish extension that provides a relay easy way to serve your content as PDF files.
It is platform independent, easy to use and performant.
-No learning curve
-No boring xml
-Everything is developed in the eZ way