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Modern alternatives to paradoxpdf for PDF generation

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Saturday 09 May 2015 3:08:55 pm


Recently Thiago Campos Viana of blogged on about an exciting new PDF generation solution for eZ Publish developed by!

His blog post is titled, "Generate highly customized PDFs with wkhtmltopdf and eZ Publish" and is available here,

Here is an important snippet from the blog post which is particularly of interest to both existing paradoxpdf users and new users considering using paradoxpdf for pdf creation.

"However due to its (paradoxpdf/flying-sauser) lack of HTML5 + CSS3 support and relatively high server load, we decided to look for an alternative solution. We found that wkhtmltopdf does a great job at producing highly styled PDFs, and we were able to integrate it nicely with eZ Publish.

Among the downsides of ParadoxPDF are that it is based on the Java application flying-saucer, which has not been updated since 2011. It only supports CSS2, and doesn't support page breaks using CSS for example. wkhtmltopdf uses qtwebkit, which supports HTML5 and CSS3, and is actively maintained.

We also ran some performance tests and found that wkhtmltopdf can generate PDFs up to twice as fast as ParadoxPDF.

We (BC) thinks that this is an extremely important evolution of public pdf generation solutions for eZ Publish that other users should seriously consider. Especially when the ParadoxPDF solution is showing serious signs of age because flying-saucer is not being actively maintained. Here is an example where this recently affected other users,

If you would like to try the new mugo_wkhtmltopdf solution out, the source code can be found on GitHub,

I hope this helps others!


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