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owtranslate Simon Boyer stable 1.2 4.x
OWTranslate provides a translation interface in eZPublish backoffice.

What is OWTranslate ?

OW Translate is an ezpublish extension which supplies several translation tools
 - A generator of translation files of translation for all languages of your site, parsing extension templates and php files to find any i18n call. You can edit all existing extension translating files !
 - An AJAX interface allowing to administer each of these translations, in all your languages !
 - A search engine to find all your translations


1. Go to /translation/generation and select all extensions to parse :

  • All templates and php files in those extensions will be parsed and used to generate translation files.
  • Generated translation files will be created and saved inside mainExtension/translations folder. MainExtension is setted in owtranslate.ini file.

2. Go to /translation/list and translate your content.

Enjoy !


OWTranslate screenshot
OWTranslate screenshot

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