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owmultisite Simon Boyer stable 1.3 => 4.4
Provides multisite URL and INI tools for eZPublish


  • Multisite ezurl operator : {$node_id|owurl()}, {$node|owurl()}, {$node|owurl( 'my_siteaccess' )}, {$node|owurl( 'my_siteaccess', 'full|relative' )}
  • Multiple siteaccess ezini operator : {owini( 'SiteSettings', 'SiteURL', 'site.ini', 'my_siteaccess' )}
  • Multiple siteaccess ezini_hasvariable operator : {owini_hasvariable( 'SiteSettings', 'SiteURL', 'site.ini', 'my_siteaccess' )}


owurl operator will automatically find which siteaccess contains your node, and will generate an url according to this siteaccess. You also can specify a siteaccess if you want to force this. This operator supports host, PathPrefix and SiteURI settings.

owini allows you to read settings for a specific siteaccess, even if it is not current siteaccess.


Please visit to download latest version of owmultisite.

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