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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
oplightbox2 Olivier Portier beta 0.3 4.x + eZFlow or eZWebin
oplightbox 2 is an simple integration of lightbox javascript gallery. This extension supports LightBox2 by Lokesh Dhakar and prettyPhoto by Stéphane Carron.

This extension overrides full/gallery.tpl, galleryline/image.tpl and galleryline/flash_player.tpl templates and load a nice lightbox in the full page on overlay with a nice customisable design.

With prettyPhoto now Vidéo Flash Player are supported in lightbox display.

Thanks to Lokesh Dhakar and Stéphane Carron for the great job they done.

Tested on 4.5 beta 1 and it is working great.


opLightBox2 full screen with prettyPhoto
opLightBox2 full screen with prettyPhoto

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