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Online Code Editor (OCE) - JavaApplet for edit Templates online with syntaxhighlighting

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online_code_editor__oce__-_javaapplet_for_edit_templates_online_with_syntaxhighlighting Felix Woldt planning 0.1 ezpublish 3.x

Online Code Editor (OCE) = Java Applet to edit template online
This extenstion plugs in a JavaApplet into the TemplateEdit View of the
admin interface of eZ publish.
Online template edit is so much easier.
Current Features:
- basic syntaxhighlighting for eZ templates
- search
- you can detach the applet from the browser
=> so you can edit the template in fullview

This Applet is for all who want to edit templates of eZ publish online
over the admin interface.
At the moment it is a very basic version, but i think it is very
Feature i want to implement in the future:
1. syntaxhighlighting defined in external files - so it is possible to
have different set for example .tpl or .ini files
2. make it possible to store the actual template without leaving the
3. different tabs e.g. one with the curent template, one with the
default template ...
4. code completion
5. integration of the online documentation (if possible) e.g. you have
a function and press F1 to open the online docu
6. ... your ideas are welcome
- If the applet doesn't start maybe your apache virtualhost or
.htaccess file doesn't allow to access *.jar files directly.
You have to fix this
- I have tested the applet with java 1.5
Please give me a feedback.
- What you don't like?
- What you like?
- What you want?



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