0.61 (ar)
* conversionFunctions::getSimpleConversionArray is using $this so can
not be called statically
* lots of missing is_set / isset checks in map_attribute.php and
map_attribute.tpl on arrays
0.60 (ar)
* fixed while bug in cli script
* Fixed possible 'mem leak'
+ added ezstring / eztext -> ezxml converter (thanks Mauro
+ added ezstring to ezint / ezfloat converter (untested!)
Known bug: Duplicated relations with object relation(s) attributes
0.51 (ar)
* fixed offset bug
* fixed 3.8.x api bug
+ added sub-tree parameter
+ added logging capability
0.50 (ar)
+ Added batch converting ability with wizard
* some other small fixes
+ added lichens text and ezinfo.php
* included patch from Peter Putzer
+ Added simple conversion - now it's possible to define conversion in
Above settings will enable mapping between different datatypes when there
is no need to make any changes on attribute content
0.23 (ar)
+ Added possibility to have custom datatype converters, one example is
included where relationslist is converted to a 'relationlistbloc'
witch is a relationlist with dates on each relation.
* Fixed some bugs / warnings
* Possibility to change existing object to different content class -
button "Modify object"
+ Initial release

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