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Object content class change

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
object_content_class_change Bartek Modzelewski planning 0.61 tested on 3.7.9 and 3.9.x

This extension allows to change selected object's content class.
Administrator has possibilty to map attributes between classes.
Since now it's possible to change existing object's content class
without creating new object. All new needed attributes will be
created, all data selected in attribute mapping will be copied.
Script takes care for all object's versions, so extension should work
with all eZ publish versions.

There is new option in context menu: Change content class. Click this to
launch class change process. It's also possible to put direct link:

- two ways to change object's content class: copy object with new
class and modify existing object
- mapping between attributes of classes
- possibilty to map between different datatypes if the same db table
attribute is used (for ex. data_text -> data_text) - simple
conversion can be set in changeclass.ini file
- Batch conversion of existing objects, select 'Generate console
parameters' on step 2 to get all the info.



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