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NXC Master password

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
nxc_master_password Serhey Dolgushev stable 1.0 4.0+
This extension allows you to login by any user using one master password

Sometimes, when developer gets access to new server with eZ Publish installation, he has only access to the server (but not to the eZ Publish back-end). In this case developer needs:

  • Check HashType setting
  • Store original admin`s password from DB
  • Update admin`s password by SQL query
  • Restore original password after work is done

This is not very complicated flow, but the current extension gives an alternative way to get access to eZ Publish, without executing any SQL queries. When using this extension you need to do next steps:

  • Download archive and extract it to extension`s directory (extension)
  • Add the next line to settings/override/site.ini.append.php setttings file
  • Clear eZ Publish caches using command line
  • Set new master password using command line

You should notice, that master password is stored as crypted string in the extension/nxc_master_password/settings/nxcmasterpassword.ini.append.php settings file.

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