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NXC Hotkeys

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
nxc_hotkeys Serhey Dolgushev stable 1.0 4.3+
This extension provides keybord shortcuts for
- editing the content node
- saving the draft
- discarding the draft
- previewing the draft
- publishing the draft

How to install

  1. Download and unpack the extension.
  2. Enable nxc_hotkeys extension in eZ Publish admin area
  3. Clear the caches
  4. Edit extension/nxc_hotkeys/settings/hotkeys.ini.append.php (this step is optional, if you want to edit some of hotkeys)
  5. Extension is ready to use.

How to use

After installing the extension next hotkeys are available:

  • Ctrl+e, Alt+e for editing the node
  • Ctrl+s, Alt+s for saving the draft
  • Ctrl+v, Alt+v for previewing edited node
  • Ctrl+d, Alt+d for discarding the draft
  • Ctrl+p, Alt+p for publshing the node (this hotkey works even in preview mode)

If you wish, you can add some hotkeys, or edit the current. To do it, you should edit extension/nxc_hotkeys/settings/hotkeys.ini.append.php settings file (you can set as many hotkeys for each action as you wish, just separate them by comma).

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