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NXC Content Class Diff

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
nxc_content_class_diff Serhey Dolgushev stable 1.0 4.x
This solution provides easy ability to check the difference in content classes between two different ez publish installations

Installation guide:

  1. Install and enable nxc_content_class_diff on development and production ez publish installations
  2. Go to "Setup" > "Compare content classes" page in admin area of the develelopment ez publish instalaltion
  3. Specify URL to  back-end login page on production ez publish installation. Also please enter ez publish user credentials. And press "Update" button. Definition of the content classes from production ez publish installation will be stored on the development one. User`s login and password will be not stored anywhere.
  4. Now you could compare ez publish content classes between development and production installations.
  5. If something was updated on production installation, please redo the step 3.


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