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NXC Captcha

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
nxc_captcha Serhey Dolgushev stable 1.0 4.3+
NXC Captcha is a flexible solution that protects your site from spam robots.
Examples gallery is available at


  1. Copy nxc_captcha extension to extensions directory (its available at
  2. Acivate it
  3. Regenerate autoloads array
  4. NXC Captcha datatype is available and ready to use


Using NXC Captcha you can protect user registration, adding comments, topics in the forums, feedback forms, etc..

After installing NXC Captcha extension a new NXC Captcha datatype will become available. After adding this datatype to "protected" classes you can set these parameters:

  • Security code word length (in symbols)
  • Symbols those will be used for generating security code: letters, numbers or letters and numbers
  • Width and height of the image, which shows the security code
  • The level and color of the noise (circles, which are displayed over the background)
  • The the angle of security code`s tilt
  • Security code chracters and backround colors
  • Users and User roles who do not need to enter security code (for example administrators)

All these parameters are set when you are addin content class attribute of NXC Captcha datatype, not in configuration ini file, so it is much more convenient to use. You should also note that convenient colopickers are used for setting the colors. Also there are used practical sliders for setting all numeric parameters (jQuery UI should be enabled and its boundled with NXC Captcha extension).

Another advantages of NXC Captcha is that you need to enter secure code only once per registration (or object editing) process. For example you entered right secret code, but wrong e-mail, than you don't need to retype secure code again, only your e-mail.


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