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novenutils Jérôme Vieilledent stable 1.0 4.x
Adds useful template operators to eZ Publish

This extension adds several template operators to the system :

String operators (Must be used with pipe ("|") template syntax) :

  • espace_as_entities() => Does an "htmlentities" on the given string, taking the charset used into account.
  • split_words_in_parts($maxLength) => Splits too long words and adds one or more caesura character(s).
  • shorten_to_last_word($maxLength) => Cuts a string to $length characters and then cuts at the end of the last word. Also adds "..." to the cutted string

Misc operators :

  • persistent_variable_append($key, $value, $mergeExisting=false) => Adds a value to the "persistent_variable" variable, available in node templates and in pagelayout when a node is displayed.
    See the documentation and this topic from ez forum for more info about persistent_variable.
  • server_variable($name) => Returns the $_SERVER[$name] variable
  • session_set($variable, $value) => Sets a session variable from template
  • media_url($addQuotes='yes') => Adds a Media Host to an URL (useful if you want to host your media files - ie. css, js, contrib images... - on a different hostname)
    • Define your Media Host in novenutils.ini
    • In your templates, just add "|media_url" to your media URLs
    • <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href={$css|ezroot|media_url} />

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