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Noven INI Update

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noveniniupdate Jean-Luc Nguyen stable 3.0.3 4.3+
Allows "environment switching". Very useful when INI settings are different between, for example, your dev server and your production server.

NovenINIUpdate is now on GitHub ! Feel free to fork it, improve it, and open pull requests !

1 Introduction

This extension allows "environment switching", that is updating INI settings depending on your environment (dev, staging, production...). It takes INI values from an XML source. It uses default INI API.

3.0 Highlights :

  • Backup config files before switching
  • Diff feature in CLI
  • Policy limitations support (with a dependency on eZJSCore)
  • config.php support
  • eZDFSFileHandler support

2 Installation

  • Download the archive and uncompress it under the extension/ directory
  • Reload the autoload classes (php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -e)
  • Activate the extension.

3 Configuration

Edit the XML file with your needs, which path must be defined in /extension/noveniniupdate/setting/noveniniupdate.ini.append.php, variable: XmlContent. The XML sample is here: /extension/noveniniupdate/source/sample.xml. Be sure to get the same XML structure, only values that are different depending on the environment and check all values.

4 How to Use

  • You should have a new tab on the backoffice.
  • Select the environment where to update the INI files defined on the XML file.
  • You may check the new values on the setup tab, under INI parameters.
  • You can also use the CLI script provided (see documentation)


Admin Interface
Admin Interface

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