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Nice Extension for some usecases but

Nice easy to use extension if you want to crop the original image file and let the editor choose the aspect ratio.

But we have often the use case to only have a cropped version with a special aspect ration for example in lineviews or for gallerythumbnails and for the full view the original aspect ratio.
For this usecase we have a crop extension. We define which aspect ratio we want for this a class_image. The editor can't choose the aspect ratio (but it could be possible). We only store the crop information for the original image and have a new crop filter for image.ini. Then we can choose on which imagealias we want to use the crop or not.

Best regards
Felix Woldt

Super extension

Bon boulot, simple et efficace.

J'ai néanmoins un petit bug de cache quand je supprime l'image pour en envoyer une autre, c'est la première image qui reste affichée.


Really useful but...

Simple and efficient, but we get an error message if ImageMagick has not been set up properly.

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