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NM Create user from email

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
nmeasyusercreate Eirik Alfstad Johansen stable 0.1 3.5
Creates a user account be providing just an email address.

Installation instructions

1. Edit easyusercreate/settings/usercreate.ini.append.php to suit your environment.

2. Upload the dir "easyusercreate" and all of its contents to the ezp_root/extension directory.
3. Activate the extension by logging ino the admin area, going to Setup
-> Extensions, selecting the "easyusercreate" extension, and clicking
the "Activate changes" button.
4. Give the anonymous role unlimited access to the "createuser"
functions of the "easyusercreate" module. This is done by logging into the admin
area, going to "User accounts" and then clicking "Roles and access rules"
in the left column. Click the pencil corresponding with the Anonymous role
to edit it. Click "New access rule" to add an access rule. In step 1,
choose the "easyusercreate" module and then, "Give access to one function". In
step 2, select the function "createuser" and click the button "Give full access".
Finally, click "OK" to save your changes to the Anonymous role.
5. Clear the cache by logging into the admin area, going to Setup ->
Cache management and clicking the "Empty all caches" button.
6. Include a form containing the following form fields where you want users
to be able to input their email address and store an account. Alter the hidden
field UserGroupNodeID to specify in which user group the user should be stored.
If the form field is left out, the extension will use the default user group
specified in the ini setting

<!-- start form -->
 <form action={"easyusercreate/do"|ezurl} method="post">
     <input type="hidden" name="UserGroupNodeID" value="" />
     <p>Insert your email address:</p>
     <p><input type="text" name="EmailAddress"/></p>
     <p><input name="Submit" type="submit" value="Send" />
 <!-- end form -->

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