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Netgen Class List Datatype

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ngclasslist Edi Modrić stable 1.0 4.x
Netgen Class List Datatype is an eZ Publish extension that provides a datatype to select and store a list of content classes.

Suppose you are developing a Category class that has attributes which parametrise how fetching of children works. You would add a "class_filter_array" attribute (which is of "ngclasslist" datatype provided by the extension) to your Category class and would use it in the following way in the code:

{def $children = fetch(
    'content', 'list',
        'parent_node_id', $node.data_map.parent_node_id.content,
        'class_filter_type', $node.data_map.class_filter_type.content,
        'class_filter_array', $node.data_map.class_filter_array.content.class_identifiers

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