- Added support for string arrays for the in and not_in
operators. This means you can do attribute filtering like ...
attribute_filter, array(OR, array('myclass/myattribute', 'in',
"('one','two','three')")), ....
- Updated to changes from stable/3.4 branch (compatible with 3.4.2 and
probably higher revisions)
- Added new filter operators: between and not_between which operate on
integers/floats (eg: .... array('myclass/myint','between', '3 AND 7')
.... The between should be faster than combining 2 filter rules for
lower and upper limit.
- Version 1.0 (2005-04-22)
Manually merged from trunk (it is a feature of 3.6). Now you need to use *
instead of % for like and not_like. Also 'in','not_in', 'between',
'not_between' now expect an array to be passed which makes it easier
to use in templates.