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ldap-sync Daniel Beyer planning 1.0alpha 3.9.x

This contribution allows eZ publish to export (almost) any object to a

----------- WARNING -----------
----------- NOTE -----------
Even this is a totally new version of ldapsync it's still really, really
old code. It has a bad coding standard and I do not take any
responsibility for that thing. This code is released as it is and
it's up to you how to use it. I do not recommend to use it for
business critical systems!
LDAP-Sync is an standalone tool for expoting any attributes of any object by
their classes to a LDAP-Server. LDAP-Sync is in fact at the moment
not a real syncing tools - since it allows only an export of objects
and no import. But it is designed to allow you using eZ publish as a
central administration-tool of your LDAP entries.
Note that LDAP-Sync is fully independent from the LDAP-login-system
provided in some releases of eZ publish. LDAP-Sync is not really
replacing this old LDAP-System, but you should NOT use them both in
the same installation as it might crash your whole system!!!
This hole thing was developed for eZ publish 3.9, but should work
with newer versions as well (till 4.0). For a 4.0 compatible version
of this thing just ask me...
Don't be afraid to install this contribution. It will acts just as a
normal contribution an won't harm your installation any more. Note
that ldapsync needs some additional tables in the database, so please
take a look into the sql-folder delivered with this extension.
To use the export you need to activate a cronjob. Please take a look
into the cronjob.ini.append delivered with this extension.
Note that this contribution currently lacks of an administration
interface. So you need to setup the additional tables in the database
manually. As this is not documented for now you might want to ask me
about that.
If you need more information about how this hole thing works, feel free
to contact me: (in german or english)



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