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LaTeX template operators

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
latex_template_operators Paul Borgermans planning 0.2 3.6.x (and earlier)

Provides a template operator 'latexrender' which renders LaTeX formulas on
the fly as bitmaps. Based on of which only the file
class.latexrender.php is used by the template operator.

- Make sure you have the required packages on your server (LaTeX). For
info look at the original latexrender page ( )
- Unpack the archive available from
into your extension directory
- Activate the latex extension in your admin interface
{$inputstring|latexrender(array(,, ))}
The $inputstring should contain your LaTeX string without $ or \( )\
(the LaTeX math delimiters)
Additional parameters are , ,
which are by default set to ('png',12,120)
Returns the URL to the converted image.
You can use this operator anywhere, but it is probably most useful in a
new content class. Just add a plain text field and use the operator
in a custom template for this class as described below. A package is
provided in the distribution (made in a 3.6.1 site).
However, you may as well add a custom tag for xml text fields. An example
template and settings are provided.
For versions lower than 3.6, you will need to use the old syntax ... but
it should work.
Have fun



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