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Attention please: Due to restructuring legacy services, the eZ Projects service is going to be discontinued. All the current repositories will be migrated to a new platform. More details will be announced soon.

jvAMF 1.0.2 and beginning 2.0 dev

Version 1.0.2 of jvAMF has just been released. Minor bugs has been fixed and Zend_AMF has been upgraded to 1.9.7.

Development of version 2.0 has also begun.

Doc has also been updated and formatted in RST.
Full changelog

jvAMF 2.0

Development of jvAMF 2.0 has begun. This new version will define default fetch services (content/tree, content/list, content/search...) that will return typed value objects (based on eZContentObjectTreeNode and other similar eZ Publish classes). ActionScript value objects classes will be provided in a SWC file to include in any Flex/Flash project.

In short, this new version will allow easier connection between Flex and eZ Publish as regular fetches will be possible directly from your Flex/Flash application.

As this is at an early stage of development, feel free to add any suggestion on the project forum.


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