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instagram Florian Frühstück stable 1.0 4.x
* Connect your ezPublish website with one or more instagram accounts.
* Synchronise instagram pictures with your local ezPublish installation
* Auto-Tag instagram pictures

Using the instagram API to connect one or more IG accounts to ez. Storing the authToken within the ezPublish DB. Fetch pictures and store the meta data in the DB.

Display the pictures within a gallery or content box just as you need it.

The extension was developed with ezPublish 4.4.0 - it might work with other version (especially newer ones) too!

++++++ WARNING ++++++
Generally be aware of the "API Terms of Use" you find on the bottom of this page:

This extension might not be a 100% compliant with the instagram "API Terms of Use" (see here: Especially the "setDefaultTags" cronjob feature may not comply with  "Use the Instagram API to post automated content to Instagram, including likes and comments that were not initiated and entered by an Instagram user." As I only use this feature for my own pictures and automatically set tags I'd usally type via the app, I do not think the setDefaultTags feature -as I use it- is violating this rule.

 ++++++ INSTALLATION ++++++

Installation instructions can be found in the README file

 ++++++ TO DOs (some ideas) ++++++
*    Disconnect instagram accounts and remove the users images from ez Publish
*    Provide more functionality in the users feed (admin) - list view, delete, edit, ...
*    Make use of fetching photos via hashtag
*    Filter options via hashtag

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A user feed
A user feed

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