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User Creator

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
usercreator Kristof Coomans beta 0.x 3.x (starting from 3.7)
Import users from a CSV file, automatically generate user login + password and get a CSV list back.

This extension allows you to import users (first name;last name;e-mail, in this order) from a CSV file (seperation char has to be a semicolon).
With a nice wizard you can choose where to place the new users and which content class to use for new user objects. Login and password are automatically generated and a CSV list with all account information is displayed at the last step of the wizard. This list can be used for sending the initial passwords to the new users with the mail merge function of Microsoft Word, Writer, ...


Old contribution page at

To do list

  • setting for default character set encoding of imported files
  • upload in multiple cycles to prevent time-outs

Change log


  • settings for default user group and user class
  • fixed a typo


  • initial public release

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