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BC Update Search Index

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
updatesearchindex Brookins Consulting stable v0.0.1 3.7+, 3.8+, 3.9+
Provides a replacement for the search engine indexing script, updatesearchindex.php


BC Update Search Index is an eZ publish extension that provides an alternative replacement for the stock eZ publish search index update shell scripts.The updatesearchindex extension offers php, cronjob and shell scripts to use this replacement index script process.

Please review the extension contents to better understand the basis for this solution as a reference.


Source code

You can obtain the source code for this extension on GitHub


Alternatively you may obtain a copy of the latest packaged edition from the downloads for this project.

Latest packaged downloads


A brief on the features offered by this eZ Publish extension.

BC Update Search Index is a simple solution to provide an example alternative indexing eZ Publish using the php search engine. This extension depends on the eZ Publish PHP based search engine.


The BC Update Search Index is a true eZ publish extension which provides a set of modified files which offers a slower more reliable search engine index update.

For many this extension by solves problems problems experienced while attempting to complete the successful indexing of eZ publish content.

By using this replacement updatesearchindex script you will be able to complete your search engine indexing successfully.

This script uses a different, incremental methodology to update large eZ publish databases with large number of content objects without reaching the php reference count limit quite so quickly by indexing content objects in small increments before shutting php down completely and starting it up a new to continue where the last left off.


  •  Please see doc/ directory within the extension.
  •  This script has been tested with over 5500 content objects within an eZ publish database and over 5 GB of binary files to be indexed (pdf,doc,xls,txt)
  •  This script become a proven solution to stock eZ publish search engine index update breakdowns experienced by two different eZ publish development groups developing large eZ publish installations (possibly with a large number of binary files to be indexed).

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