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TinyMCE xhtml editor

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
tinymce_xhtml_editor André R planning 0.2 3.6 - 3.10

This is not really a hack any more, but while waiting for
to be in sync with the project will be here.
This extension has moved:

This is a preview version, it has some known bugs like malformed custom
classes if you edit them in the table editor, looks a bit wronge in
ie, dosn't work in Opera and Safari yet and also lacks some
Online editor needs to be enabled, and needs to have lower priority then
eztinymce like this:
* Complete image and embed support ( handle choosing existing
relations, add browse support, fetch image size if you select other
size then small or original and all needed embed attributes)
* add custom tag extension
* Fork the xml handlers from OE so compatibility issues with tinymce
can be fixed, support for more browsers can be added and support for
showing images instead of attachment icons.


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