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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
swark Grenland Web (Jan Kudlicka) stable 1.0.1 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
The Swark extension implements many operators and a couple of workflow events needed very often, yet missing in eZ Publish.


Download the swark extension from GitHub:


The following operators are implemented in the current version:

 - add_view_parameters
 - array_search
 - arsort
 - asort
 - charset
 - clear_object_cache
 - cookie
 - current_layout
 - current_siteaccess
 - debug_attributes
 - debug
 - is_post_request
 - json_encode
 - krsort
 - ksort
 - ltrim
 - modify_view_parameter
 - preg_match
 - preg_replace
 - range
 - redirect
 - remove_array_element
 - return
 - rsort
 - rtrim
 - serialize
 - server
 - set_array_element
 - shortenw
 - shuffle
 - sort
 - split_by_length
 - strpos
 - str_replace
 - strrpos
 - substr
 - unserialize
 - uri_path_segment
 - user_id_by_login
 - variable_names


 The following workflow events are implemented in the current version:

 - autopriority
 - defertocron


Copyright: (c) 2008 Seeds Consulting and 1999 - 2014 Brookins Consulting
License: GNU GPL version 2


Check out the complete documentation of the extension at:

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