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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
rbgadmin Roland Benedetti alpha 0.1 4.1.2
A simple new design for the administration site_access

This is a very simple design extension containing mostly CSS, a few images and minor template modifications for the standard admin site_access.

My goal was, without a real change of the User Interface (as i bring no development here), only graphical changes, to bring a look and feel that would make the user feel the admin interface is simpler, lighter and fresher.

I did this on my spare time and thought some people might be happy with it.

Be careful, done by a non developer, and not tested on all the administration interface functionnalities. Done and tested only on a Mac and mostly on Firefox 3. Do not use in real environment without real testing !

To install : download, unzip in the /extension folder of eZ Publish, activate the rbgadmin extension in the administration interface (go to Setup tab and then Extension area). Clear all eZ Publish cache and your browser cache. The ressources should be used instead of the standard site_access design ressources. Voila !

Note : I have not seen any "component type" on matching this kind of simple project.

Note 2 : I would have like to ship only new images, but unfortunately i have not been able to do so with a good result, so the extension includes as well the images from the standard.



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