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paradoxpdf Karnichi Mohamed stable 2.2 4.x
A platform independent, easy to use and efficient extension to export your content into PDF format.
-No learning curve
-No boring xml
-No php code or api to deal with

(This project is not maintained anymore)

How does it work ?

ParadoxPDF uses a java jar : paradoxpdf.jar built uppon 'Flying Saucer'.
Flying saucer is An XML/XHTML/CSS 2.1 Rendrer that has a native PDF output.
Paradoxpdf.jar is a wrapper application that can be used from command line. It contains all dependencies.
The original idea for using 'Flying Saucer' to generate pdf contents was published by Joshua Marinacci can be found here

ParadoxPDF features:

ParadoxPDF Provides All features of Flying Saucer AS :

  • Platfom independent : 100% Java XML+CSS layout engine with native PDF output.
  • Strong support for the CSS 2.1 specification including extensions to better support paged media.
  • Support for XHTML.
  • Arbitrary elements may be replaced with custom content.
  • Some support for PDF specific features (for example, bookmarks and internal links). More coming soon.
  • In Plus :
    • Just EASY : Prepare your designs (just as any html design) for the PDF View and let's the magic begins
    • Multi page generation and page break-support (with custom header and footer)
    • Good performance (better than Apache FOP).
    • Cache : You can manage PDF caches As Template Cache-blocs look docs/documentation.txt
    • cluster mode compatible

I need your feedback

I need your feedback to improve this extension : any enhancement request, bug report, or reviews are welcome. Post it here :

Folowing one of my favorite quotes :

" It seems so obvious: if you want to develop software that’s useful to people, you’ve got to talk with them. But too many developers take the anti-social approach and consider customer support to be beneath their status…If you really want to write useful software, stop spending all your time keeping up with technology. Don’t worry if your resume isn’t filled with the latest buzzwords. Instead, invest your time in talking with your customers. They don’t care what programming language you use – they only care whether your software meets their needs, and the best way to ensure that is by breaking out of your cone of silence and opening the lines of communication." - Nick Bradbury

Thank you for your help

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