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OpenSearch Plugins

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
opensearch Brookins Consulting stable 0.1.2 IE 7, FF 2, Opera 9
eZ publish,, and based browser search plugins.

If you use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera; these search plugins allow you to search very accurately quickly the wealth of the eZ community information.


- Installation,
- GitHub,
- Forum,


With the recent addition of open search plugins to the very latest Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers you can now write a single opensearch plugin for use with both Firefox and Internet Explorer!


These search plugins, documentation, solution are a direct result of the eZpedia community documentation project, Kristof Coomans and Graham Brookins.

Initial Implementation - Kristof Coomans
Copy and Pasting aka Development - Graham Brookins




Copyright 2006, eZpedia contributors, all content available under the GNU GPL


This means Internet Explorer (v7), Firefox and other browsers can now share search plugins written using the OpenSearch Standard. Open Search plugins are simple files in xml format and the latest supported standard.

This is the new standard being supported to provide for cross browser compatible search plugins. This effectively deprecates previous implementations as most wish to bridge this gap rather than foster it.

Learn more about OpenSearch on eZpedia


Open Search : Example : Firefox : UI : Custom
Open Search : Example : Firefox : UI : Custom

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