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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
novennotification Jean-Luc Nguyen stable 1.0 4.X
Add a tab in the Administration Interface that displays notification nodes by user.

1 Introduction

This extension allows to display notification for a user on the back-office interface.

2 Installation

  • Download the compressed file under /extension directory and uncompress it.
  • Activate the extension.

3 Configuration

Edit the configuration file, which is defined in /extension/novennotification/setting/novennotification.ini

  • UserGroupNodeIDs is the node array for the groups users to display
  • Limit is the number of users to display on the list

4 How to Use

  • You should have a new tab on the backoffice.
  • Select the group users you would like to display.
  • You may display the notification user details by clicking on the details link.

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