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Noven Image Cropper

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
novenimagecropper Jérôme Vieilledent stable 1.1.1 4.x
Adds cropping ability on ezimage attributes

This extension adds 2 main new features for the ezimage attributes :

  1. Ajax Upload. You don't need to publish your content object to preview your uploaded image. Note that this feature is not currently supported on IE6 (works on IE7 and IE8)
  2. Interactive Cropping interface. A new Crop Image button has been added. Clicking on it will show you an inline popup dialog with an interface to select your crop area. Then preview the render and save it if it suits you !

Note that no hack has been used with this extension ! It's only template overriding/javascript/module coding.

It uses the following 3rd party libraries :

NB : This extension has been developped on top of ezjscore extension and requires its installation.

NB 2 : If you want to use it with Cluster mode, please refer to this issue

If you want to add your translation, you can contact me on my website.


Screenshot Noven Image Cropper
Screenshot Noven Image Cropper

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