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gg XML View

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ggxmlview Gaetano Giunta beta 0.3.1 4
This extension enables a simple, universal publication of content as xml or json,
such as can be consumed eg. by XmlHttpRequests requests or flash clients

Design goals:

  • provide an easy way to hook up ezP out-of-the-box to "web 2.0" clients by way of a default json/xml/other representation of ez content
  • make use of the templating engine for taking advantage of caching, cascading and override mechanisms
  • use the same class/members names in json notation that are used in template language. This way js code using them can be almost identical to tpl code
  • provide an auto-generated xsd description for the generated xml, so that it can be validated
  • use as much as possible the same structure for the generated xml as for the generated json, unless where xsd limitations take precedence

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