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gg Webservices

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ggwebservices Gaetano Giunta stable 0.14 4.4 to 5.x
The ultimate webservices extension for eZ Publish.

Allows an eZ Publish server to server as both webservices client and server.
Supported protocols: xmlrpc, jsonrpc, soap and rest.
  • Allows an eZ Publish server to serve xmlrpc, jsonrpc and even "rest" requests, using the same logic currently used for soap requests
  • Allows an eZ Publish server to call external soap, xmlrpc, jsonrpc and rest webservices, either from php code or from templates
  • Combining the two above: allow an eZ Publish server to proxy webservices request to other servers, overcoming the same-domain limitation
  • Improve the capabilities of the existing http client used for making webservice calls with support for https, compression, proxies, authentication and more
  • Provide a graphical debugger to help troubleshooting ws calls to both local server and remote ones

Note: (for version 0.9 to make json-based REST calls, minimum php version needed is 5.3. For 0.9.1 and above, php 5.2 is supported)


The webservices debugger in action
The webservices debugger in action

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