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Attention please: Due to restructuring legacy services, the eZ Projects service is going to be discontinued. All the current repositories will be migrated to a new platform. More details will be announced soon.



  • two command-line scripts to generate comprehensive reports about current installation
  • new report view: all ini settings
  • add support for OpCache and Zend Accelerator Plus infos

Plus a couple of improvements and bugfixes

Get it from

New features in this version: more QA checks!

  • all php files are parsed for valid syntax
  • all tpl files are parsed for valid syntax
  • the tests run by the setup wizard, checking system requirements, are now available inside the gui too

Note that checking syntax of all tpl and php files takes a loong time, please do not close the browser and allow the page to load fully

One more release full of goodies:

  • add list of all existing template operators, with "view source" integration (if ezgeshi is installed)
  • add, courtesy of the phpsecinfo project, checks for security configuration of the eZP installation
  • add a page checking for common db misconfigurations (only available for mysql)
  • Fixes all known bugs

Source code now available at

View showing problems with ini files names

Even more great new additions:

  • 'module operations' view
  • 'classes report' view (thanks A. Sebbane)
  • 'QA' views checking for common errors in ini files and php files
  • test connectivity to Solr, when eZFind is installed
  • list count of pending indexation events and notification events

More great new additions:

  • 'log display' view, to display log messages within the console
  • 'log stats' view, with size and last modification date of all log files
  • 'log churn' view, with graphs of the messages per minute saved to log files
  • an info view for the wincache accelerator

NB: permission policy checking on the provided views has been fixed; all users are encouraged to upgrade

Graph of cache files stored in by eZ Publish over time

Great new additions:

- a graph (implemented via eZ Components) of the number of cache files generated by eZ Publish over time

- complete, detailed list of active modules, views, fetch functions, policy functions, with parameters (where available) and links to online docs

More images here:,

Still home for Christmas holidays and with nothing to do after finishing compiling the 2.6.28 kernel?

Rejoyce! Now you can play around with the ggsysinfo extension, designed to give eZ Publish admins valuable extra insight into their running systems.