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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
fireez Jérôme Renard alpha 1.0 4.0
Should makes it possible to debug eZ Publish within FireBug

This extension is the very beginning of an extension to FireBug.

I started to work on this a while ago but never had time to continue to work on it.

I am creating this project in order to find someone who want to take over this package.

Anyone interested may contact me :

How to install FireeZ ?

1 - extract the attached file (tar zxvf

2 - move in the desired place, let's say path/to/

3 - go in your Firefox profiles, in the folder "extensions", for example on my laptop it looks like this: /Users/jr/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/

4 - create a link in the "extensions" folder which will point to path/to/, for example on my laptop it looks like this :
ll /Users/jr/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/ -> /Users/jr/work/www/php4/ezpublish/extensiondev/extension/

5 - restart Firefox and open the firebug panel, you should see an "eZ Publish" tab.


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