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Attention please: Due to restructuring legacy services, the eZ Projects service is going to be discontinued. All the current repositories will be migrated to a new platform. More details will be announced soon.

eZ Publish Translation

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ezpublish_translation Nicolas Pastorino stable 1.0 any
Central project for collaborative translation of eZ Publish.


This project is the central place for storing the translations of eZ Publish. This new initiative makes this project the main interface between the eZ Community translators and eZ Systems. It is meant at facilitating all translation initiatives by providing the appropriate tools and communications channels.

We are aware of these previously existing community initiatives with regard to translation:


and we wish to integrate them to this central place. Each of them will be handled specifically to make the migration as easy and transparent as possible.

In case an existing initiative is not listed above, please make sure it is integrated in the central translation initiative by sending an email to community [at] ez [dot] no

How to participate

Become member of the project

Just as any project on, you first need to become member of the project. This is as easy as :

  1. Logging in (you need an account, if you do not have one register here You can log in here
  2. Navigating to and click the "Register membership" button
  3. It takes a few minutes for your membership to be active

Synchronise with your language's team

Each language, and by extension each translation team, is provided with a dedicated forum on the community portal. Navigate there and pick the one corresponding to the language you want to help for. It happens here :

If the language you would like to help for is not present yet, please send an email to community [at] ez [dot] no, this will be done promptly!

Get ready for translating

  1. Any contributor needs to sign a Contributor Licensing Agreement, avoiding copyright transfer to eZ Systems. Read more here.
  2. Then read through this quick tutorial on how to share your Localization work :
  3. You should now have, locally, the translation file for the languages you want to help on. Any action on the file should be made after having taken contact with the language's team, see Synchronise with your language's team.

Start translating

You need to first install one tool. Find details and download it from there :

Once this is done, run linguist and open the translation.ts file you would like to work on. Linguist's intuitive interface will let you spot the untranslated strings, punctuation mistakes. Once you are finished, save the file, and push it to the central repository ( ref. tutorial mentioned above). Please do not hesitate to verbosely comment your commit, so that other participants can get a good idea of what you have been working on only by reading your commit message.

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