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Attention please: Due to restructuring legacy services, the eZ Projects service is going to be discontinued. All the current repositories will be migrated to a new platform. More details will be announced soon.

eZPerformanceLogger 0.11 released

Some new features as well as minor bugfixes this time around.

Notable features:

  • It is now easier to properly trace the web pages which end up with redirects, without hacking the kernel
  • It is now possible to trace the eZ User id of the current user
  • It is now possible to trace all variables from the $_SERVER superglobal.
  • It is now possible to trace the resources used by publication events when using asynchronous publishing

Notable bugfixes:

  • the javascript loading in frontend design for xhprof-measurement is disabled by default, as it can break some sites

Check out the changelog for a complete list


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